Many Student Competitions in 2009

2009 seems to bring many opportunities for operations research students (both graduates and undergraduates) to compete on solving real-world problems:

*    First, there is the new Doing Good with Good OR Student Competition that emphasizes the societal impact of a work that uses operations research and management science tools.

*   Then, our INFORMS Western Regional Conference to be held in April 24-25, 2009 at Arizona State University has a Best Undergraduate Capstone Project Competition.

*  Apparently, by now, all spots are filled but the Association of Operations Management is having an Operations Management Case Study Competition on Feb 6-7th in LA.

* (updated 2/2/09)  There is still time for this one:  AIMMS-CPLEX/MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition for graduate students. Model and report due by: April 30, Thursday, 7pm EDT.

*  This one’s a bit tangential but there are a number of operations researchers working on homeland security: The Third Annual National Security Innovation Competition (NSIC) for college students. It seems to emphasize technology but a decision making tool in this area could be a new technology or part of a new technology.

Besides these, of course, there are many research paper competitions given by different sections & societies of INFORMS at our Annual Meeting.  So, students, go & seize one of these opportunities…


One Response to Many Student Competitions in 2009

  1. Hari says:

    I’ll be at the INFORMS Western Regional conference . Will you be there as well? We should get together talk about blogging and operations research. I love to blog, too, but use blogging to write about other themes – history, current affairs, books etc – and generally have no time for writing about OR. But I am planning to set this right!

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