Gurobi 1.1 is now available – you can download a 6-month free trial version

If you haven’t already heard (e.g., through this blog post or this one), Gurobi 1.1 is now available.  You can download a free trial version from Gurobi’s website.  The trial version is valid for 6 months and it includes all solvers but has restrictions on problem size (500 variables and 500 constraints).

I was curious to see their pricing.  There are different options but just to give you an idea, for academic licenses (strictly forbidden for commercial use) a 1-year, 100 simultaneous-use floating license costs $2500 with a yearly renewal charge of $500.   A perpetual single user, single machine license with unlimited use is $850.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Gurobi and try it out. Unfortunately it has to wait a little due to a very busy travel schedule in the next month.


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