Unquenchable: Univ. of AZ prof. on Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The blog is beginning to feel like a string of announcements of media appearances by professors, but this is fun (and, serious at the same time).  Last Thursday, Jon Stewart’s guest was U of A professor Robert Glennon, who spoke about his book on the water-supply crisis…   Make sure to check out Jon Stewart’s ingenious ideas on how to solve water-supply problems!

You can find a video here.

My favorite quotes:  JS:  “Should we be mad at you for living in AZ?” …  RG: “That’s in Phoenix!”

As always, I want to mention that operations research has a lot to offer on this topic.  For instance, I have been collaborating with some folks who know a lot more about hydraulics than I ever will on using operations research methods to efficiently use and re-use water.


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